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5 & 12 Week Candia

What is Candia?

Candia is an over-infestation of yeast in your body. You’re probably familiar with yeast as an ingredient in bread, beer, and other fermented foods. Yeasts are what make champagne fizzy and bread rise. We’re used to using certain yeasts in our food, but many of us don’t realize that yeasts are actually everywhere!


They’re in the air, in the water, and on the surface of just about every living thing. We breathe, eat, and drink them on a daily basis. Because they are part of our daily lives, we all have yeast growing in our skin, in our mouths, on other body surfaces, and in our gut. Though yeasts normally reside in your body in small quantities, they can become dangerous if they become too numerous.


How to get rid of Candia?

Candia lives on what you eat and makes your body crave what the Candia needs to survive. For this reason, Candia is difficult to get rid of, but can be eradicated if proper steps are taken. To do so, you’ll need to meet with Dr. Duncan to discuss a plan of action through, cut back on the foods that feed Candia and exacerbate your symptoms. You can schedule your consultation with Dr. Duncan today!

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