Neuropathy and Pain Management


Your nervous system is made up of trillions of cells called neurons. These neurons make up your brain, your spinal cord, and each of the nerves that branch throughout your body. Your nervous system makes it possible for you to walk, talk, breathe, and eat. Without nerves, you wouldn’t just lose the ability to “feel” things – you wouldn’t be able to live! Neuropathy occurs when some of these nerves get damaged, whether from poor circulation, physical injury, or nutritional deficiencies.


Depending on which nerves are damaged – and how badly – many different symptoms can result. If your hands or feet are affected by peripheral neuropathy, you may experience: Numbness, Insensitivity to pain or temperature, Tingling, burning, or prickling (aka “pins and needles” sensations), Sharp pains or cramps, Extreme sensitivity to light touch, Loss of balance or coordination


Though many people recognize the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, most people don’t realize when they are affected by autonomic neuropathy. Because the symptoms are so diverse – and can be attributed to different causes – autonomic neuropathy can be difficult to diagnose. You may find that the treatments for peripheral neuropathy end up improving other problems that you didn’t realize were related!

The Solutions4 Pain Kit is designed to support the treatments you receive here in our office. Unlike a “quick-fix” pill, this comprehensive kit includes three products that promote long-lasting and effective results. The kit also includes detailed nutritional guidelines to reduce inflammation and help you get the best results possible.

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