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weight loss
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Weight loss program

Here at Chiropractic Works we care about our patient's entire being and making wellness a lifestyle.


Our weight loss programs are divided into 6  programs depending on the results you are looking for and what our doctors recommend.


We can assist in finding the proper program for you! Make sure when you schedule your appointment to tell us you would like a weight loss consultation.


For more information feel free to scroll down to learn more about what we offer.

7 day

This 7-day body cleansing system is formulated to help you rid your body of the toxins that contribute to weight gain and poor health. When you are done with this 7-day cleanse, you’ll have more energy, a slimmer figure, a clearer complexion, and the confidence you need to move forward and continue making positive changes in your life!

17 & 21 Day cleanse

Are you hoping to fit into a smaller pant size in time for a special occasion? Or fit into smaller clothes in time for the summer season? We can help!

The 14-Day Quick Start Program is designed to activate your fat-burning hormones and kickstart the weight loss process.

20 day Rejuvenation

On this 20-Day Program, you’ll focus on maximizing your intake of healthy foods and limiting your intake of heavy foods, this will not only increase your mental well-being and clarity, and leave you feeling better then you’ve felt in year but also help you lose the weight you've always wanted.

5 & 12 Week Candida 

Candia lives on what you eat and makes your body crave what the Candia needs to survive. For this reason, Candia is difficult to get rid of, but can be eradicated if proper steps are taken. To do so, you’ll need to meet with our Wellness Specialists to discuss a plan of action! You can schedule your consultation with Wellness Specialists today!

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